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Friday, May 28, 2010

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary.....Jim and I have been married 16 years today. It is hard to believe. I am sitting here this morning reflecting on all that we have been through in the last 16 years (22 years if you count the dating). We have moved 11 times, had two children, adopted 3 dogs and 3 cats, lived in 9 states, aquired PhD's, survived health issues, and on and on and on. I guess that is the making of a strong marriage and a lasting commitment to always love and support each other.
Now we are embarking on another journey to adopt again. This time, we are waiting for a referral for a little girl from Ethiopia. I have to say, I am truly ready to see her face. We have only been waiting 5.5 months, but I am still hopeful that we may be able to get a referral before the courts close in August. We continue to pray everyday that God will grant us patience, love, and understanding during this process. Now that I am home for the summer I am finding it more difficult to concentrate on anything else.
Congrats to all those that have received referrals, court dates, and travel dates. I pray every day for your safety as you make this remarkable journey to your children.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

5 Months on the Waitlist

Well...... we have made it to month 5. We still are holding out hope that we will receive a referral soon. I can't help wondering if we will have a chance to make it before the courts close in August.
Congrats to all those receiving referrals this month. It really helps to hear all your "Call" stories. Hopefully they keep coming.
We continue to pray everyday for patience during this process. I just need to know our little Nayah is safe and healthy. I also need to know that her birth family is at peace with their decision to bring her into our lives.
The semester and graduation is over and now it is time to start focusing on home improvement projects. Painting, new tiles, and landscaping are at the top of the list. During this time, we will also be designing Nayah's room. Pink and Chocolate Brown I think.....Hmmmmm.