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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Six Months Waiting for Baby N

We made it to six months... Whew. We have had a busy few weeks with end of school celebrations, graduation (our 18 year old graduated this year), basketball camp, and traveling. It helps to keep busy during this time. I continue to wonder if a referral will come in time to receive a court date before the rainy season. There is still hope, I think. It seems that the "unofficial list" is moving slowly.
I received some great news from our church yesterday. We received a $3000 grant for adoption expenses. This is going to help immensely. We still need to work a little harder with fundraising as we need another $5000 or so for travel (now that 2 trips are required).
We will be leaving for our annual pilgrimage to Wisconsin next week to visit family and friends. It will be nice to relax a bit and catch up with everyone.
Congratulations to all the families that are home with their new family member(s), are traveling, or are waiting to hear about court dates. This community of people we have become acquainted with are so giving and supportive. I don't know how I could make it through the wait without the daily interaction.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Promises and Questions

I promised myself at the beginning of this adoption process that I would not be one of those parents-in-waiting that would try to predict when we would get a referral and constantly be bothering our caseworker at Gladney. Well, so far I have fulfilled the promise of not bothering our caseworker but I am failing miserably at avoiding the predictions and speculation.

I am by nature a Type A personality on speed with major control issues (surprise...surprise). I know myself and my tendencies very well and vowed to live "in the moment" and believe without question that God would provide and when the time was right he would reveal our daughter. I have tried to stay busy with both of my sons activities. Nikolaus plays sports year-round and my oldest son is graduating from high school tomorrow. However, now that school has ended and I am done teaching for the semester, I find myself constantly online and wondering....

Will we get a referral this month?

If we get a referral, will we make a court date before the rainy season?

How will Jim and I travel in the fall if we don't make it this summer (we both teach at and will have to arrange for class coverage)?

Will I be able to take Nikolaus out of school and football to travel in the fall?

And on...and on...and on...

I figured I would let it out here in an effort to regain some sanity. I am not wining (0k maybe a little bit), and I know I should trust the process. Hopefully, things will move along in the month of June and I will find some peace again. Does anyone else feel this way or is it just my nutty personality? -Laura