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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Off We Go

Can't write too much tonight. I am exhausted, excited, fearful, happy, etc.....We heard from Natalie on Monday afternoon at 3:30pm. She informed us of the new regulations for court. We have a MOWA date scheduled for Friday, October 29th. To make a long story short, she informed us that if we can make it to Ethiopia for court on Friday we would fall under the new rule and can finalize the adoption that day if all goes well. Needless to say, it has been crazy here. I leave tomorrow afternoon and will attend the court hearing on Friday. Hopefully all goes well and Nyah will be in my arms this weekend. Jim will follow in a few weeks to attend the embassy date and accompany us home :) I will keep everyone up to date about the new process as I think we may be one of the first. Keep us in your prayers. Hope to introduce you to our little one soon.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Court Date

We received a call from Gladney today with our court date. MOWA is scheduled for October 29th and our court date is November 29th. Hopefully, I can arrange my schedule (I have to either get coverage or rearrange finals) to stay with our sweet girl until our Embassy Date. Jim and I are planning to leave the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. I will hopefully have more to share soon.....Stay tuned.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Nyah is 4 Months Old Today

Well, today Nyah is 4 months old. Our paperwork for court was submitted prior to the court closure in August, but we were not assigned a date. Hopefully, we will hear something this week. We are still holding out hope that we will have her in our arms before Christmas.

This week we began preparing the nursery. A wonderful artist here in the high country designed and made a special bedding set just for Nyah. She also made her a very comfy pink robe, a boppy to help strengthen her muscles, a shopping cart cover, and a beautiful blanket and quilt. If anyone would like information on this artist or is interested in ordering anything let me know and I will forward you her email address.

Nikolaus (our 12-year-old) also made letters out of wood and painted them a sparkling pink color. They are now hanging about her crib :) Now, all we need is our little princess and it will be complete.

We did receive a wonderful update from the in-country staff Friday. Here is what they had to say..."Nyah is filling out so well. I almost didn’t recognize her when I first saw her this morning! She’s smiling so much and seems so laid back and gentle. We spent a lot of time cooing at each other this morning. She’s a real sweetheart. At one point, she began waving her arm as though she were conducting an orchestra. Perhaps she has music in her future."

If you have time this week, please pray that we will be granted a court date - Thank you for all your support and love - Laura and Jim