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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Update on Our Princess

We received an update from Gladney today on Baby N. She will be 3 months old on Friday. I live for these small glimpses of her life in Ethiopia. Here is what the in-country staff had to say.....
“I found Baby N sunning with her friends in the garden of her foster care house. It was a nice morning: the sun was shining brightly and we had a long enough break from the rains that the caregivers could let the babies enjoy some sunshine for a little while. Baby N seemed very content, bathing in sunshine there on a mattress. Some babies were fussing and fretting about it, but she just lay there resting and enjoying some warmer weather. She is such a sweet little baby—very smiley and happy. It’s been fun to watch her fill out over these past few weeks, adding some nice baby fat to her little frame and becoming more and more alert and interactive. What a doll!”
Please....please....please move a little faster Mr. Time. I can't stand this wait for a court date. I know I am whining but indulge me :) This sweet girl has touched our lives so much and has added so much love to our family and she is not even here yet.
I had some great news from the Dean at the School of Nursing. She has graciously given me the freedom to stay in Addis between the court and embassy date if I need to. I am still struggling with the decision, but this has helped a lot. I will continue to teach on-line from there pending Internet access. I am also trying to speak with someone at Addis Ababa University about taking a tour of the nursing school and possibly shadowing a nursing professor for a few days while we are in-country. Jim may do the same with the physics department. I will hopefully be working on an exchange program with the nursing students that would allow 8-10 of our students to visit for 2-3 weeks every other summer. They would be volunteering in the orphanages and practicing their pediatric assessments and skills. Wish me luck.