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Thursday, August 12, 2010

10 Weeks Old and Growing

Baby N is ten weeks old today and growing..... Unfortunately, we were not able to secure a court date before the closures but are hopeful that we will receive an "official update" soon from Gladney. We are so grateful to the Bentley Family ( who just returned after passing court. They took a few pictures for us while they were there. I am a little bias, but she is soooo beautiful. I thank God everyday for bringing her into our lives.

The waiting game is really hard right now. It was difficult to wait for a referral but I think it is possibly more difficult to see her face everyday and know she will not be in our arms until sometime in November (I hope). I am desperately trying not to focus on this and have plenty to keep the family busy. Our oldest moved into his own apartment and Nikolaus started 7th grade yesterday. Nikolaus is also playing travel basketball and started practicing already. Jim and I have started teaching preparations for this semester and continue to work on publications.

On a side note.....I stopped at Babies R Us today. Can I just tell you that it was a completely overwhelming experience. I almost had a mini panic attack. Are all of those gadgets necessary? I know I have not had a baby in the house for a while, but seriously..... a spa tub for an infant? Do they really need a toilet seat that talks to them or a mattress that costs over $400 (endorsed by orthopedic surgeons)? It is literally going to take a big glass of wine to recover from the experience. Oh well....I guess I better put my head in the game and prioritize.

Thank you once again to all my Gladney extended family. Your support is much appreciated and helps immensely during this waiting period - Laura


  1. 10 weeks! How sweet! I bet she is just a peanut! And I totally agree, you don't need all that crazy stuff, just the basics. Babies r us is totally overwhelming! I just went to buy a gift for a baby shower and was totally lost. Although I did enjoy looking at all the cute girl stuff!!!!! sigh. I love babies.

  2. Thanks for the comment on my blog!! 10 months is crazy, but I know it's coming!!! We now get a monthly "check in" call-- well, next week will be our first real one!! At least we're kept up to speed as to where we're at, how things are going, etc. With this long of a wait, that update is SUPER helpful!! Hopefully we'll know something by the time you travel so you can meet our little guy!!